1. New showreel.


  2. Hero - A Short Film

    Is now on Youtube


  3. Candy Crime is a short film I worked on Directed by Ben Jacobson it has made the short list for Filminute 2012.

    It only takes a few minutes to watch vote and share so take a look.


  4. Hero

    This is a short film I wrote and directed.

    Please enjoy and if you like it go on over to the virgin media shorts website and add a comment.



  5. Coming soon


  6. And he walks off into the sunset…


  7. This weekends Virgin Media Short!

    Sunday the 26th of June I spent the day as the D.O.P on a friend of mine’s Virgin Media Short effort called Lamp written and directed by Joe Mee.

    The story is about two young girls who in the rubble of an old factory find a lamp which they believe could be a nice present either for one of their mothers or for one of the girls themselves.

    It’s a sweet story about friendship, discovery, kindness and recylcling.

    I’ll put the link up as soon as its on the website.

    P.S It was ruddy hot but the sunshine made a ruin look like a palace.


  8. Holly as the lead character in the Virgin Media short I help film with Ben Jacobson on Saturday.