1. If there is anyone out there who loves stop-motion and support young film talent please take a look at my friends kickstarter campaign.


  2. bicephalypictures:

    A pocket guide compilation of the most valuable words of wisdom from the king of cinematography, Roger Deakins.

    Here he is soaring down an escalator with James Bond in Skyfall (2012).


    13 TIPS scoured from across the internet :

    • You must discover your own style.
    • I genuinely feel that…

    Great tips from one of the worlds best cinematographers. 


  3. Here is a mega short version of my showreel.

    For more info go to - http://www.beedstudios.co.uk


  4. Storyboarding a short film / scene idea I’ve had that I hope to shoot early 2013


  5. Bananashark Race Team

    Check out my latest video. This one is part of the Venture Cup project the worlds most dangerous and exciting powerboat race.


  6. Hero by Benjamin Davis

    Hero is a short film I wrote and directed primarily to enter into the Virgin Media Shorts Competition.

    Its a simple story about a young man who believes he is destined for greater things and is convinced  that he like many of his comic book idols has a super power. Through the course of the film our hero sets out to discover exactly what they may be.

    You can watch it here,



  7. Hero

    This is a short film I wrote and directed.

    Please enjoy and if you like it go on over to the virgin media shorts website and add a comment.



  8. Film books - Any recommendations?

    I’m wanting to increase my knowledge and inspire myself. Can anyone recommend any good books on film?

    Whether it be books on filmmaking, freelancing, cinematography, scriptwriting or a great filmmakers bio please point me in the direction of it.


  9. Directed by Paddy Garrigan

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to take a post to point you in the direction of a few videos directed, shot and edited by my friend and longtime contributor to many of my creative projects Paddy Garrigan.

    Seas of Green - Idols


    Francesca Pidgeon - Stars


    The Artists - Here Comes the Storm



    For more of Paddys stuff go to http://www.paddygarrigan.co.uk


  10. For Xmas I got my canon 550d pimped!

    New additions include the led light, the bracket holding the mic and the light and I treated myself to an intervalometer.

    I also got some sweet filters.