1. Virgin Media Shorts 2013 is now open for entries. This is my effort from last year.

    I try to enter a film every year or be part of a crew. If you are thinking of entering one and need some help or have a script but no crew get in touch.


  2. Hero - A Short Film

    Is now on Youtube


  3. Hero by Benjamin Davis

    Hero is a short film I wrote and directed primarily to enter into the Virgin Media Shorts Competition.

    Its a simple story about a young man who believes he is destined for greater things and is convinced  that he like many of his comic book idols has a super power. Through the course of the film our hero sets out to discover exactly what they may be.

    You can watch it here,



  4. Hero

    This is a short film I wrote and directed.

    Please enjoy and if you like it go on over to the virgin media shorts website and add a comment.