1. I’ve created a Music Video Channel on Vimeo to so I have all my music videos in one place.

    If you are in band or a musician have a gander and get in touch.


  2. Back to Business

    I’ve been away working on a feature film for the past 5 weeks so not had chance to post anything.

    The past few weeks have been fun and I’ve met some great people that I hope to meet again on both a personal and professional level.

    However now it is time to get back to the office and being my own boss. I have 5 shoots to organise for the next 9 days as well as editing and quoting for other projects.

    I hope to be able to post some more original content soon.



  4. A bit of marketing for a recent project.

    Click on the link to see some examples of my work.


  5. For examples of my work click on the photo.


  6. I’m currently reading Robert Rodriguez’ book “Rebel without a crew” so I thought it only right that I look up one of his first short films “Bedhead”.

    I wished I’d watched it 10 years ago.


  7. Any shooters out there click on the image to go straight to my profile


  8. New showreel.


  9. Hero by Benjamin Davis

    Hero is a short film I wrote and directed primarily to enter into the Virgin Media Shorts Competition.

    Its a simple story about a young man who believes he is destined for greater things and is convinced  that he like many of his comic book idols has a super power. Through the course of the film our hero sets out to discover exactly what they may be.

    You can watch it here,



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